Welcome all to the Bunker.jpeg Wiki!

Bunker.jpeg is ROBLOX game created by the user Phirsts, It is a comedy, post-apocalyptic and adventure game

I made this wiki because I am a huge fan of bunker.jpeg and i would like to grow the community as big as possible!

Rules Edit

1. I don't really care if you swear on this wiki, I allow them because well... there just words! Duh. But don't use this rule to discriminate others because thats just bullying so if i see anyone bullying i will ban you.

2. Don't spam because that's just dumb and idiotic and it will ruin the wiki

3. Don't impersonate ANYONE especially me because I'm the shithead of the wiki.

4. Make sure to have sex! If there are any problem just message me!

Now that you know all the rules your ready have fun on this wiki! Thanks boobs

Bonus. if u know 2 codes of the game say it

- a shithead

Important articles Edit

how get  2 code

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